Special Outside Events

NEW CLUB OFFICERS TRAINING 07.07.2018 Hôtel Ellington, Nice

Event in Avignon

Conférence de Printemps 

Div.F samedi 21 avril 2018 à 10h

Lieu : Centre YMCA de Villeneuve lez Avignon 7 bis chemin de la Justice - BP 112

 30401 Villeneuve lez Avignon

Au programme :

Concours     de Discours anglais & français

Concours     d’Evaluations anglais & français

Concours en allemand possible ?!





A stupendous Toastmaster Evening at the Akathor Pub organised and animated by Rayyan, our VP Public Relations.  Congratulations to everyone for the hard work, participation and those LOVELY SMILES!


 27.11.2017  SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL FORUM presented by Miguel Montiero and his team, Cristina and Frank.


Miguel explained the Toastmasters  Method of  role responsibility.  This formation builds self-confidence and leadership; qualities essential for becoming an accomplished speaker. 



Toastmasters Nice combined with their sister-club, Toastmasters Sophia Antipolis, for a joint presentation of Toastmasters. The feed-back was excellent with a surprise and enthusiastic visit from representatives of the Mairie of Nice