22.05.2021 Picnic and Speech Marathon

With the sanitary restrictions now allowing small outdoor gatherings, TM Nice organized a picnic and speech marathon today on Castle Hill. It's been quite a while since our members have been able to meet in person and our speakers and evaluators today definitely seized the occasion to really use the space, either by physically moving around the speaking area, or with engaging eye contact with the audience all around, while drawing us into the story. 


Eye contact and more natural physical gestures are of course some of the obvious advantages of in-person meetings when it comes to speeches, but undoubtedly the joy of being in each others company today was felt by all. 


Our speakers, Michael, Maricel and Safae delivered inspiring speeches. Maricel's speech, titled "From Languishing to Flourishing: The Reset", on the theme of holding on to hope and finding joy in the small pleasures of life so we can thrive and flourish resonated with the audience and won the vote for best speech. 


Safae really took control of the stage and showed us how to really use space dynamically, even getting down on the floor to demonstrate Brazilian Ju-jitsu. You can't do that on Zoom quite so easily. It was quite refreshing to see a speech truly come to life when delivered in person. Michael regaled us with his storytelling, choosing a spot in center stage and engaging us with eye contact all around, drawing us in much like a storyteller around a campfire. 


The speeches were followed up with evaluations; Chafic reminded us that smooth transitions between different stories in speeches help the audience follow the train of thought, Deyana shared tips on how to project your voice in open spaces without a microphone (a useful skill for us to work on once we go back to in-person meetings!) and Giulio highlighted what made Maricel's speech a winning one, which secured him the votes for best evaluator. 


Of course, a picnic is not a picnic without food, drink and cheer, of which there was plenty. We look forward to the next one!


A great show AND a great communication opportunity for "public speaking"...

Un spectacle passionnant ET une belle occasion de communiquer et de "parler en public"..

Toastmasters Nice fete sa rentrée

Reaching out to the public / s'ouvrir au public...


Toastmasters Spring Contest Winners 2019
Toastmasters Spring Contest Winners 2019
Toastmasters MarseilleGale Dinner
Toastmasters Marseille Gala Evening

Bravo Marseille pour cette grande conférence de printemps au World Trade Center. L'organisation était excellente et encourageait une atmosphère chaleureuse et amicale dans l'ensemble. Au menu, de brillants exemples de prise de parole en public, entrecoupés de nombreuses présentations imaginatives et humoristiques. Une Soirée Gala avec un dîner savoureux ont clôturé cet évènement enrichissant.

Bravo Marseille for a great Spring Conference in the World Trade Centre.  The organisation was excellent and encouraged an overall warm, friendly atmosphere. On the menu were shining examples of public speaking at its best interspersed by many imaginative and humorous presentations.   A glamorous and tasty Gala Dinner rounded off an exciting evening.  



Toastmasters Nice and Sophia-Antipolis at Startup Weekend Monaco 2019

Toastmasters Nice members Miguel and Maricel, and Toastmasters Sophia Antipolis member Christelle   gave a keynote on Pitching is Public Speaking and Storytelling.


They incorporated their individual professional experiences as well as the Toastmasters way in coaching sessions for the nine participating teams, where they worked alongside another mentor, Sylvain Lareyre of JobOpportunIt.
It was exciting to see and hear the participants share their startup ideas and collaborate within a team.  Miguel and Maricel were very happy because one of the teams they coached won!!




A droite: MIGUEL

Master of Ceremonies

Miguel Montero Conference Master


Spring CONFERENCE de Printemps

Toastmasters Nice


4 Boulevard Carabacel, 06000 Nice 

Trophées pour les Orateurs

Toastmasters Nice Concours 27.04.2019
Anaëlle & Miguel aux Concours
toastmasters Nice Petit Deg. Conference 2019
Maggie & Mehrasa
Toastmasters Nice, Lise, Tour guidé de Nice
LISE, notre guide par excellence avec un Big-Bang
Club Officers Toastmasters Nice
L/R Maricel/ Mehrasa/Antony/Miguel/Maggie/Frank/François/Preeti/Jenny/Michael
Toastmasters Nice Conference Guests
'Les Girls' Marina, Wendy, Carol
Toastmasters Nice Conference 27.04.2019
Pascal, Anne & Siefried
Carol Bauser, Toastmasters Nice Fun 2019
Toastmasters Nice Conference 27.04.2019
Frank, Jenny, Anaëlle & François

A great Conference for contestants, speakers, club members and guests. Everyone contributed towards  making this day friendly, happy and memorable.  A very special THANKYOU to the IPAG Business School for the use of their beautiful Conference facilites which made it possible for Toastmasters Nice to welcome 98 members and guests from other Toastmaster clubs in the South of France.  The next stop is Toastmasters International District 59 Conference in Marseille  «Spring Forward in Marseille».

See you soon !

Une grande conférence pour les candidats, les orateurs, les membres du club et les invités. Tout le monde a contribué à rendre cette journée conviviale, heureuse et mémorable. Un MERCI très spécial à  IPAG Business School  pour l'utilisation de ses magnifiques Salles de Conférence qui ont permis à Toastmasters Nice d'accueillir 98 membres et invités d'autres clubs Toastmaster du Sud de la France. La prochaine étape est celle de la Toastmasters International District 59 Conference «Spring Forward in Marseille». 

À bientôt !

30:03:2019 Toastmasters Sophia Antipolis Area Contest / Concours Secteur 

Toastmasters Area Conference
Toastmaster End of Contest Photo

Un grand merci à Toastmasters Sophia Antipolis pour cette très agréable Conférence du Secteur le 30.03.2019. Toastmasters Nice et rentré très heureux  avec CINQ beaux  trophées.   

Félicitations: Maricel, Jenny, Mehrasa, Frank et François!   

Many thanks to Toastmasters Sophia Antipolis for a very enjoyable Area Conference on 30 March.  Everyone from Nice went home very happy with FIVE beautiful trophies.  Congratulations: Maricel, Jenny, Mehrasa, Frank & François !


NEW CLUB OFFICERS TRAINING 07.07.2018 Hôtel Ellington, Nice

Event in Avignon

Conférence de Printemps 

Div.F samedi 21 avril 2018 à 10h

Lieu : Centre YMCA de Villeneuve lez Avignon 7 bis chemin de la Justice - BP 112

 30401 Villeneuve lez Avignon

Au programme :

Concours     de Discours anglais & français

Concours     d’Evaluations anglais & français

Concours en allemand possible ?!



A stupendous Toastmaster Evening at the Akathor Pub organised and animated by Rayyan, our VP Public Relations.  Congratulations to everyone for the hard work, participation and those LOVELY SMILES!


 27.11.2017  SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL FORUM presented by Miguel Montiero and his team, Cristina and Frank.


Miguel explained the Toastmasters  Method of  role responsibility.  This formation builds self-confidence and leadership; qualities essential for becoming an accomplished speaker. 



Toastmasters Nice combined with their sister-club, Toastmasters Sophia Antipolis, for a joint presentation of Toastmasters. The feed-back was excellent with a surprise and enthusiastic visit from representatives of the Mairie of Nice

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